Bruker CP-4 CMP Process and Material Characterization System

Bruker CP-4 CMP Process and Material Characterization System

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The Bruker CP-4 CMP Process and Material Characterization System is an R&D-scale specialty CMP system, offering polishing process control for process development and materials testing. The Bruker CP-4 was designed from the ground up specifically for reliable, flexible and cost-effective characterization of wafer polishing processes.

CMP process development for new materials and CMP consumables (pads, slurries and conditioning disks) research is expensive to perform on full-scale production CMP systems. The combined cost of test wafers, consumables, overhead, depreciation and lost productivity when running tests instead of production wafers has driven a need for a table-top system for R&D.

The Bruker CP-4 provides the flexibility, control and repeatability to perform studies on coupons cut from larger wafers, resulting in substantial savings. The CP-4 offers higher speeds, more torque and better force measurement for CMP applications than any of its predecessors or competitors. 


  • Reproduces full-scale wafer polishing process conditions
  • Provides unmatched measurement repeatability and detail
  • Performs tests on small coupons rather than whole wafers for substantial cost savings

System Specifications:

Measurement Capability
Small footprint, chemical mechanical polishing test platform

    System Attributes
  • Integrated high-speed/high-torque upper and lower rotational drive motors;
  • Servo-controlled precision loading stage; Motorized positioning “lateral” stage;
  • Load/friction sensor for polishing and pad conditioning load control, measurement and recording;
  • In situ acoustic emission and temperature measurement and recording;
  • Corrosion protection of machined parts;
  • Programmable two-pump slurry and rinse pumping system

  • Bruker CP-4 operating and data analysis software

    Computer System
  • Windows 7, 32-bit OS, 2GB SDRAM, >250GB HDD

    Vertical Position System
  • 100mm (4 in) max travel;
  • 0.5µm (19.7µin) encoder resolution;
  • 0.001 to 10mm/sec (0.04 to 394 min/sec) speed

    Lateral Positioning and Sliding System
  • 75mm (3 in) max. travel;
  • 0.25µm (9.8µin) encoder resolution;
  • 0.001 to 10mm/sec (0.04 to 394 mil/sec) speed

    Wafer Head
  • 1 to 500 rpm speed range;
  • 0.29 to 29 psi range on 2 in wafer head;
  • 0.07 to 7.2 psi range on 4 in wafer head;
  • 4 to 400 N (0.9 to 90 psi) load range for other wafer sizes up to 4 in;
  • 20mN (0.004 lb) resolution

  • 1 to 500 rpm speed range;
  • Up to 9 in (228 mm) platen size

  • 2 to 200 N (0.45 to 45 lb) load range;
  • 10mN (0.002 lb) resolution;
  • Up to 4.25 in conditioning head size

    Torque Capability
  • 5Nm (3.7 ft-lb) @ 100 RPM, 2.5Nm (1.8 ft-lb) @ 500 RPM

    Temperature Measurement
  • -25°C to 1000°C (-13°F to 1,832°F)

    Acoustic Emission Response
  • 0.2 to 5.0 MHz frequency response

    Programmable Pump (optional)
  • 2.2 to 480 mL/min (0.13 to 29 in³/min) flow rate

    Power Requirement
  • 220 VAC, 2.5 kW

    System Dimensions
  • 394mm (W) x 610mm (D) x 775mm (H) [15.5 in x 24 in x 30.5 in]