Entrepix - Headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona

Entrepix Inc. serves the semiconductor and related industries as a leading provider of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) production, integration and optimization services to IDMs, OEMs, MEMS, nanotechnology and CMP consumables suppliers. The company renews technology for existing and emerging CMP users by refurbishing semiconductor equipment or adapting the equipment for use in novel applications, such as airbag sensors and photovoltaics. As a technology renewal partner, Entrepix enables long-term, reliable, predictable and cost-effective performance of its remanufactured equipment. Headquartered in Phoenix, Entrepix operates a 38,000 square foot facility housing its CMP foundry and equipment remanufacturing facilities. www.entrepix.com.

Company History

Entrepix began in 1998 as a value-added refurbisher and service provider of critical IC manufacturing equipment. The company focused on delivering CMP and metrology solutions to fulfill the requirements of customers who depend on these combined technologies. In 2002, Entrepix expanded its value proposition by launching a dedicated CMP outsourcing service. The company expanded again in 2008 adding SEZ and lapping capabilities to its foundry operations.

Today, Entrepix offers an industry leading CMP and wafer surface conditioning technology portfolio and delivers complete solutions from development and integration through full-scale production. Entrepix has a solid track record of growth and stability in an industry with exacting demands of its vendors. We're proud to serve a long and growing list of customers that includes many of the world's most prominent IC manufacturers.

About Entrepix Asia

Entrepix Asia Pte. Ltd. continues Entrepix' momentum and extends our experience and value added services in chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) foundry and equipment services into Asia. Entrepix Asia was established in August 2009 to provide extensive technical sales and services in the same time zone to our customers in Taiwan, China and Asian regions.

Our product offerings are not limited to CMP and metrology tools, we also cooperate with partners to provide fully functional and refurbished PVD, CVD and etch tools. All tools will be installed by our team and covered by warranty as per the customer's sales contract. We enable our customers' successes by consistently providing leading-edge technology with process support and delivering cost-effective solutions.