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AMAT Mirra Mesa CMP System

The Applied Mirra Mesa CMP system is an automated dry-in dry-out system that uses a combination of chemistry and abrasion under controlled conditions to remove specific amounts of material from wafers surfaces. The Mirra Mesa delivers industry-leading 200 mm CMP on all polishing applications and offers Applied Material's own integrated cleaner.

The Mirra Mesa cleaner includes cleaning modules such as megasonics, brush scrub and SRD. A CMP robot, input shuttle and walking beam are the wafer handling mechanisms.

The system includes a FABS unit that can accommodate up to four 25-wafer cassettes, attaching a recipe and automatically performing a sequence to each wafer.

The system's polishing head optimizes uniformity across the wafer by tuning film removal rate to match specific slurry chemistries to control dishing and erosion in high performance polishing applications.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Overview of Service

  • General Clean and Inspections
  • Clean and Lubricate All Rails and Drives
  • Baseline Equipment
  • Load Calibrations
  • Platen Run Out
  • Arm Sweep Calibrations
  • Carrier Run Out
  • Down Force Calibration
  • Back Pressure Calibrations
  • Pad Conditioner Operations Check
  • Unload Calibrations
  • Tool-Specific Issues Addressed