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Strasbaugh 6EG nHance CMP Wafer Polisher

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Strasbaugh 6EG nHance - CMP Wafer Polisher

The Strasbaugh 6-EG model is an economical tool for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) research, failure analysis and low volume production. Its semi-automatic operations are programmable through a color touch screen graphical user interface (GUI) for repeatable and accurate process control.

The 6-EG uses the same process control methods, wafer carrier, load station and pad conditioner as the fully automatic 6DS-SP CMP system. The 6-EG is an affordable 300 mm solution.

Preventative Maintenance Program


  • General Clean and Inspections
  • Clean and Lubricate All Rails and Drives
  • Baseline Equipment
  • Load Calibrations
  • Platen Run Out
  • Arm Sweep Calibrations
  • Carrier Run Out
  • Down Force Calibration
  • Back Pressure Calibrations
  • Pad Conditioner Operations Check
  • Unload Calibrations
  • Tool-Specific Issues Addressed