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Strasbaugh 6DSSP nTegrity CMP Wafer Polisher

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Strasbaugh 6DS-SP nTegrity - CMP Wafer Polisher

The Strasbaugh 6DS-SP wafer polisher is a fully automated, precision tool for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) polishing of semiconductor wafers. It can planarize wafers from 100 mm to 200 mm and is ideally suited for materials polishing applications that require repeatability with operational and processing flexibility. The wafer polisher features automatic wafer handling and is capable of polishing two wafers on a single platen to maximize wafer throughput capability and quality.

The wafer polisher uses a CMP polishing process. This process removes oxide or metal semiconductor materials using polishing slurry to planarize the wafers to achieve flatness, uniformity and planarization on patterned/device wafers. The wafer polisher provides: fully automated precision polishing, processing flexibility and repeatable results.

Preventative Maintenance Program


  • General Clean and Inspections
  • Clean and Lubricate All Rails and Drives
  • Baseline Equipment
  • Load Calibrations
  • Platen Run Out
  • Arm Sweep Calibrations
  • Carrier Run Out
  • Down Force Calibration
  • Back Pressure Calibrations
  • Pad Conditioner Operations Check
  • Unload Calibrations
  • Tool-Specific Issues Addressed