Refurbished Ontrak DSS200 Series 1

Lam OnTrak DSS200 Series 1

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Used Lam OnTrak DSS200 Series 1 - OnTrak Double Sided Scrubber

Entrepix is an industry-leading supplier of used OnTrak DSS200 tools, including OEM-Authorized refurbished Series 1 OnTrak double sided scrubber platforms. The system is composed of multiple components which operate together to achieve processing requirements for semiconductor wafer cleaning. The major system components include:

  • Wet input station for automated wafer loading into the cleaner.
  • Brush station #1 is the first brush station where the wafers enter the processing cycle. The first scrub process is performed on PVA brushes using DI water and dilute cleaning chemistries.
  • Brush station #2 is a second scrub process that uses PVA brushes using DI water and dilute cleaning chemistries.
  • The spin station is the third processing station: wafers receive a final rinse, followed by a spin dry in the SRD while a heat lamp assists in the completion of the drying process. This station may also include an optional Megasonic cleaning station and/ or dilute chemical dispense prior to final rinse.
  • Wafers are transported out of the spin station using an unload handler/ mechanical arm which transfers the clean wafers to the output station.
  • The output station contains a wafer indexer that receives the wafers from the handler and loads the clean dry wafers into a cassette for transfer to the next processing step.


  • Wafer sizes: Configurable for 3-inch, 4-inch, 5-inch, 6-inch, or 8-inch
  • Remote Electrical Enclosure
  • Chemical distribution (interchangeable for 2% NH4OH, through the brush, 2% NH4OH drip (standard configurations), and NH4OH through-the brush)
  • Through-the-back (TTB) Facilities Hookup
  • Through-the-floor (TTF) Facilities Hook up
  • Through-the-Front Wafer Load Input Station

Preventative Maintenance Program


  • General Clean and Inspections
  • Verify Facilities, Tool Matching
  • Replace Brushes and Edge Rollers
  • Calibrate Brush Parallelism
  • Calibrate Wafer Handling - Smooth Wafer Flow
  • Install PM Kit
    • Complete OEM-Specific Kit
    • Customer-Customized Kit
    • Entrepix Recommended Kit
  • Tool-Specific Issues Addressed

Upgrades and Refurbishment


  • Idle Flow Retrofit, DI Conservation
  • Hastelloy Spin Carriage
  • Flat Panel Touch Screen
  • Flow Monitoring
  • OPTO Interrupt Sensor Upgrade
  • Fiber Amplifier Upgrade