Refurbished Ontrak DSS200 Synergy

Lam OnTrak DSS200 Synergy

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Used Lam OnTrak DSS200 Synergy - OnTrak Double Sided Scrubber

Entrepix is an industry-leading supplier of used OnTrak DSS200 tools, including OEM-Authorized refurbished Synergy OnTrak double sided scrubber platforms. The system is composed of multiple components which operate together to achieve processing requirements for semiconductor wafer cleaning. The major system components include:

  • Wet input station for automated wafer loading into the cleaner.
  • Brush station #1 is the first brush station where the wafers enter the processing cycle. The first scrub process is performed on PVA brushes using DI water and dilute cleaning chemistries.
  • Brush station #2 is a second scrub process that uses PVA brushes using DI water and dilute cleaning chemistries.
  • The spin station is the third processing station: wafers receive a final rinse, followed by a spin dry in the SRD while a heat lamp assists in the completion of the drying process. This station may also include an optional Megasonic cleaning station and/ or dilute chemical dispense prior to final rinse.
  • Wafers are transported out of the spin station using an unload handler/ mechanical arm which transfers the clean wafers to the output station.
  • The output station contains a wafer indexer that receives the wafers from the handler and loads the clean dry wafers into a cassette for transfer to the next processing step.


  • Wafer sizes: Configurable for 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm and 200 mm
  • Remote Electrical Enclosure
  • Megasonic Cleaning Unit
  • Edge Cleaning in both brush boxes
  • Chemical distribution (interchangeable for 2% NH4OH, through the brush, 2% NH4OH drip (standard configurations), and NH4OH through-the brush)
  • Through-the-back (TTB) Facilities Hookup
  • Through-the-floor (TTF) Facilities Hook up
  • Through-the-Front Wafer Load Input Station

Preventative Maintenance Program


  • General Clean and Inspections
  • Verify Facilities, Tool Matching
  • Replace Brushes and Edge Rollers
  • Calibrate Brush Parallelism
  • Calibrate Wafer Handling - Smooth Wafer Flow
  • Install PM Kit
    • Complete OEM-Specific Kit
    • Customer-Customized Kit
    • Entrepix Recommended Kit
  • Tool-Specific Issues Addressed

Upgrades and Refurbishment


  • Idle Flow Retrofit, DI Conservation
  • Hastelloy Spin Carriage
  • Flat Panel Touch Screen
  • Flow Monitoring
  • OPTO Interrupt Sensor Upgrade
  • Fiber Amplifier Upgrade