Entrepix 5200 Power Supply Upgrade Solution

The Entrepix 5200 Power Supply Upgrade Solution is an OEM replacement upgrade for Applied Materials 200mm Mirra, Centura and Endura platforms. The 5200 electrical cabinet is used on several Applied Material's platforms including 200mm CMP, PVD and CVD systems.

The Entrepix 5200 power supply upgrade offers a lower-cost solution with the same fit and form as OEM. New tri-color LEDs and replaceable modular internal components make troubleshooting and repair easy. The solution's remote voltage sensing insures stable and reliable performance.

The new power supply drawer supplies DC power at voltages of +5VME, +24, +5EXT, +12, -12, +15, -15. The output power is rated at or above the legacy drawer's capability. It is custom made to fit within the Applied Materials 5200 electrical cabinet enclosure and all of the outputs of the drawer are made to be backwards compatible with existing 5200 electrical cabinet interface cabling.

Power Supply
Power Supply

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