Entrepix Management - Tim Tobin

Timothy Tobin


Tim Tobin is the CEO of Entrepix, Inc., the world’s leading independent provider of chemical mechanical polishing, refurbishment, spares and upgrades services, as well the exclusive provider of new OnTrak cleaning equipment. Founded in 1998, Entrepix was an early pioneer to what is now a robust after-market for semiconductor manufacturing equipment support and services. In 2014, Entrepix earned the top slot for the Industry Leaders of Arizona Award in Manufacturing. Tim is also CEO of Entrepix Medical, LLC, a subsidiary of the parent, wherein Entrepix applied its vast CMP technology portfolio to dramatically improve the effectiveness of medical devices. He is responsible for maintaining A-players in key positions, setting corporate direction, and ultimately ensuring Entrepix delivers maximum value to all stakeholders. Prior to Entrepix, he held technical, sales and management positions within Motorola, SpeedFam-IPEC and Metron Technology. Tim holds a Masters in Microelectronic Manufacturing from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Bachelors in Applied Physics from the State University of New York at Geneseo.

Entrepix Management - Steven Horowitz

Steven Horowitz


With over 40 years experience in semiconductor capital equipment sales and service, Steve has overall responsibility for Entrepix' equipment engineering, service operations and CMP foundry facilities. Steve's unique combination of industry knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit lead to the founding of Entrepix (formerly Total Fab Solutions, Inc.) in 1998.

Since its beginning, the company has built a strong reputation for high quality products and services. Prior to Entrepix, Steve held various positions of increasing responsibility for Metron Technology and Applied Materials. He holds a degree in Electronics from Devry Institute of Technology.

Entrepix Management - David Husband

David Husband


David Husband has served as a CFO and COO for both private and public companies for the past 15 years. He possesses a wealth of knowledge in process optimization, accounting, financial reporting and corporate finance, including domestic and international merger and acquisition transactions and public and private financings. Most recently, Husband served as CFO, Secretary, and Treasurer of Calence LLC, one of Gartner’s leading network consulting firms.

Calence, one of the largest Cisco partners in the world, was acquired in 2008 by a Fortune 500 company, Insight Enterprises, Inc., in a process led by Husband. Prior to that, he served as CFO of Vodavi Technology, Inc., a leading supplier of small business telephone systems. Prior to joining Vodavi, Husband was an executive with Action Performance Companies, Inc., most recently as Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer.

Husband began his career with Arthur Andersen LLP in 1992, providing auditing and consulting services to public and private companies in a wide variety of industries. Husband is a Certified Public Accountant in the State of Arizona.

Entrepix Management - Jim Mellow

Jim Mello

VP Sales and Customer Support

With over 30+ years of semiconductor industry experience, Jim is responsible for global sales, marketing and customer support.

For the few years, Jim has focused his efforts on expanding the sales channels globally and domestically to reach more customers and provide more exposure to Entrepix' product portfolio. By adding key partners in each area of growth, Entrepix now has a strong international position by providing the secondary equipment market with quality systems, upgrades and parts.

Jim joined Entrepix after holding various executive positions with SEZ America - most recently as the VP of Sales and Marketing and provided service to the Strategic Advisory Board for the SEZ Group. Before serving SEZ, Jim was an engineering section manager for diffusion, implant, metals and back grind operations for a discrete component fab at Motorola.

Jim received a Bachelor of Science in Microelectronic Engineering from Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY and a Master of Business Administration from the University of Phoenix, Phoenix, Arizona.

Entrepix Management - Bob Tucker

Bob Tucker

VP, GM Procurement, Systems, and Logistics

With over 33 years of semiconductor industry experience, Bob has responsibility for Entrepix’ systems, processes, and support to monitor and drive operational excellence. In this role, Bob oversees Entrepix’ ERP/MRP systems that enable the support for the entire customer execution process and experience, as well as the E-Commerce Part Sales website.

Bob joined the Entrepix team after holding various management positions for Freescale Semiconductor (formerly Motorola Semiconductor Products Sector) - most recently as the Sensor Operations Manager where he was responsible for the Inertial Sensor (MEMS) business unit. Before that assignment, Bob's responsibilities included leadership roles as External Technology IP Licensing Technology Transfer Manager and as Wafer Fabrication Device Engineering Manager. Bob graduated with a Bachelor's in Electrical Engineering from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign.