Entrepix offers our customers advanced processing capabilities with SEZ® spin technology. As the industry is faced with challenges of bringing new materials and engineered substrates along with growth in the "more than Moore" market segment, a flexible, scalable wet process is needed to deal with existing and future challenges for all types of technologies.

The Spin Technology offers SEZ's single wafer processor, patented wafer chuck, increased control of fluid dynamics, vertically arranged process levels, and separated media supply with the ability to re-circulate three chemicals. The results are optimized uniformity control, repeatability, and selectivity to underlying materials.

Entrepix offers its customers access to three Spin Technology processors, capable of a wide variety of applications. The tools also offer complimentary capabilities to the CMP process module and several stand alone applications for various technologies.

The suite of single wafer Spin Technology processing tools will have the capability to run 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, and 300mm wafers for both front side and back side processing.

Entrepix FastForward™ services provide foundry capacity and engineering technology development capability. Standard and customize applications will be supported in the second Entrepix cleanroom designed to support the Spin Processor applications.

Front-end-of-Line (FEOL)

  • Pre-clean
  • Post-ash clean
  • Film etch & strip
  • Backside film removal

Back-end-of-Line (BEOL)

  • Post-ash clean
  • Backside/bevel etch/clean
  • Substrate etch


  • Wafer thinning
  • Surface Conditioning
  • Rough/Polish