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SpeedFam IPEC 676 - CMP Polisher

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SpeedFam IPEC 676 - CMP Polisher

The IPEC AvantGaard™ Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) system planarizes single layers in the integrated circuits to meet customers' requirements. It has four wafer planarizers, an endpoint detection system, dual pad conditioning systems, a fully automated cassette-to-cassette (C2C) system to move the wafers and a separate Electrical Cabinet.

The system allows for fewer CMP systems per wafer fabrication facility since it can be used to polish both oxide and metal layers, it can produce more than 40 wafers per hour (wph) throughput and is among the industry's smallest footprints. The IPEC 676 uses an orbital polishing motion instead of conventional rotational techniques to improve yield and the design offers high reliability and ease of use.

Wafer Sizes: 150 mm and 200 mm

Preventative Maintenance Program


  • General Clean and Inspections
  • Clean and Lubricate All Rails and Drives
  • Baseline Equipment
  • Load Calibrations
  • Platen Run Out
  • Arm Sweep Calibration
  • Carrier Run Out
  • Down Force Calibration
  • Back Pressure Calibrations
  • Pad Conditioner Operations Check
  • Unload Calibrations
  • Tool-Specific Issues Addressed