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SpeedFam IPEC 776 - CMP Polisher

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SpeedFam IPEC 776 - CMP Polisher

The IPEC AvantiGaard™776 Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP) system has four wafer platens, an endpoint detection system, dual pad conditioning systems, and a fully automated wafer handling system (WHS) for moving wafers. The WHS includes a Spray Station Assembly used to remove slurry particulates and keep the wafers wet and an automated wafer handling robot.

The system uses three OEM robots for wafer transfers between the wafer staging area, polisher and cleaner. A dry wafer handling robot (R3) inside the sub Class Ma area serves the wafer staging area and the cleaner output. A wet handling robot (R2) serves to load and unload the spray station and supplies wafer transfer from the polisher to the cleaner. The R2 robot also transfers wafers into and out of the optional Metrology station. The third robot (R1), located in the polisher, moves the wafers from the spray station to the various head assemblies and back to the spray station for (R2) to handle for metrology or cleaning.

The wafer polisher uses a CMP polishing process. This process removes oxide or metal semiconductor materials using polishing slurry to planarize the wafers to achieve flatness, uniformity and planarization on patterned/ device wafers. The wafer polisher provides: fully automated precision polishing, processing flexibility and repeatable results.

Wafer Sizes: 150 mm and 200 mm

Preventative Maintenance Program


  • General Clean and Inspections
  • Clean and Lubricate All Rails and Drives
  • Baseline Equipment
  • Load Calibrations
  • Platen Run Out
  • Arm Sweep Calibration
  • Carrier Run Out
  • Down Force Calibration
  • Back Pressure Calibrations
  • Pad Conditioner Operations Check
  • Unload Calibrations
  • Tool-Specific Issues Addressed