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Speedfam Auriga EC CMP wafer polisher

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Speedfam Auriga EC - CMP Wafer Polisher

The SpeedFam Auriga EC wafer polisher is a fully automated, precision tool for chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) polishing of semiconductor (and related industries) 150 mm and 200 mm wafers. The Auriga EC is a "dry-in" / "dry-out" process, known for the highest throughput of any CMP tool and is designed for low cost of ownership. The Auriga EC cleaner offers an extended range of pH for cleaning applications, including HF.

Entrepix offers fully refurbished systems, spare parts, upgrades, and maintenance / service support on the Auriga Family of products.

The wafer polisher utilizes CMP, removing virtually any semiconductor materials to polish the wafer and achieve flatness, uniformity, and planarization requirements on blanket or patterned device wafers. The polisher provides: fully automated precision polishing, process flexibility, and repeatable results.

Preventative Maintenance Program


  • General clean and inspections
  • Robot calibrations
  • Load calibrations
  • Index table
    • Cup height
    • Clean and lube all cylinders
    • Inspect cups
  • Polish arms
    • Carrier to cup calibration
    • Back lash check
    • Down force calibration
  • Backfill calibrations
  • Pad conditioner calibrations and alignments
  • Unload calibrations
  • Clean and lubricate rails and drives
  • Belt replacement - cleaner, platen
  • Tool specific issues addressed

Upgrades and Refurbishment


  • Motoman refurbishment and upgrades
  • Equip Robot refurbishment
  • Flipper box refurbishment
  • Quick disconnects refurbishment
  • Second table drive assys refurbishment
  • Polish arms refurbishment
  • Rotation gear box upgrade
  • Zero backlash reducers refurbishment and upgrades
  • BAM and AMP refurbishment
  • EVC Light upgrade for Auriga Gen1
  • Inverter refurbishment
  • Gimbal refurbishment
  • Carrier plate lapping
  • Polish table refurbishment
  • Wafer loss sensor upgrade