Entrepix Adds 300mm CMP Capabilities to Phoenix Foundry

Phoenix - (March 12, 2015) -Entrepix, Inc., a leading provider of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) equipment and process services, today announced that it has expanded its foundry operations in Phoenix, Arizona by installing 300mm chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) processing. The new offering expands on the company’s existing 200mm and below foundry operations, allowing Entrepix to offer CMP R&D and volume production for all wafer sizes up to 300mm.

To achieve this capability, Entrepix added both industry leading platforms, AMAT Reflexion and Ebara F-REX 300 CMP polishers in its Class 100 cleanroom. Both systems are available for various applications, including various dielectrics, metals and substrates. Additionally, the systems can be used for screening or comparing consumable sets (pads, slurries, pad conditioners and cleaning chemistries) across both platforms.

“Our foundry operations offer our customers a capability that is unique in the industry,” said Tim Tobin, CEO of Entrepix. “Our CMP consumable customers can benefit from creating independent, non-biased performance data for their products.”

The Entrepix foundry provides complete CMP solutions for customers at any level of development or production, allowing customers to quickly react to new technology requirements while capitalizing on increased capacity demands. This flexible manufacturing model improves financial performance by optimizing internal efficiencies and reducing time to revenue.

About Entrepix Inc.

Entrepix Inc. serves the semiconductor and related industries as a leading provider of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) production, integration and optimization services to IDMs, OEMs, MEMS, nanotechnology and CMP consumables suppliers. The company renews technology for existing and emerging CMP users by refurbishing semiconductor equipment or adapting the equipment for use in novel applications, such as airbag sensors and photovoltaics. As a technology renewal partner, Entrepix enables long-term, reliable, predictable and cost-effective performance of its remanufactured equipment. Headquartered in Phoenix, Entrepix operates a 38,000 square foot facility housing its CMP foundry and equipment remanufacturing facilities. www.entrepix.com.

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