Mega Fluid Systems and Entrepix Join Forces to Offer Complete CMP System

First-of-its-kind supplier partnership provides device manufacturers a one-stop CMP solution

Phoenix - (March 17, 2014) - Mega Fluid Systems Inc., a leading supplier of chemical and slurry delivery equipment, and Entrepix Inc., a leading provider of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) equipment and process services, today announced a partnership agreement. The combined expertise of both teams has already led to the development of a complete CMP solution for a 200mm fab upgrade project. Mega Fluid Systems designed and built the slurry delivery systems, while Entrepix remanufactured the CMP polish and clean equipment and developed the CMP processes to meet the customer's requirements.

"Leveraging the unique capabilities and expertise of each of our organizations allowed us to provide the customer a truly customized solution," stated Delton Hyatt, President of Mega Fluid Systems. "This approach will simplify and reduce the technology transfer time, which is essential for optimizing manufacturing operations and reducing cost of ownership."

The equipment set was designed to efficiently enable a new technology transfer process for the customer. By developing and shipping the slurry blend/delivery, CMP polishing, and post-CMP cleaning equipment set along with proven process recipes optimized for the customer's devices, the companies were able to deliver a highly flexible and reliable solution that will shorten the time to qualify the new process flow. This also ensures that the customer will benefit immediately from many years of established expertise with no 'learning curve' delays.

"It's not commonplace for semiconductor supplier companies to work together at such an in-depth level, taking the lead to define and provide a complete solution," said Tim Tobin, CEO of Entrepix. "However, our companies have known each other for many years and as such are able to act as a single entity that provides the customer both CMP delivery systems and equipment, offering us a unique opportunity to support our mutual customers. By working together, we were able to develop, test and qualify a process to achieve exactly what the customer needed."

The two companies are also expanding local operations, adding additional service and engineering staff to support system installation, maintenance and operation as well as ongoing process support. This solution has proven highly desirable to the market and other similar agreements are underway.

About Mega Fluid Systems

Founded in 1990, Mega Fluid Systems has extensive experience offering world-class chemical and slurry delivery equipment to the global semiconductor, LED, pharmaceutical, specialty chemicals and solar/PV industries. With a global installed base in Asia, Europe and North America, our state-of-the-art systems continue to be chosen by leading customers worldwide to deliver the most difficult chemistries and sensitive slurries to their CMP tools and processes.

Mega Fluid Systems offers world-class engineering, manufacturing and testing capabilities. Mega's partners benefit from high-level customer service and support from our program management, sales, engineering, service and executive management teams. Mega is headquartered in Tualatin, Oregon, with sales and engineering offices around the globe.

About Entrepix Inc.

Entrepix Inc. serves the semiconductor and related industries as a leading provider of chemical mechanical polishing (CMP) production, integration and optimization services to IDMs, OEMs, MEMS, nanotechnology and CMP consumables suppliers. The company renews technology for existing and emerging CMP users by refurbishing semiconductor equipment or adapting the equipment for use in novel applications, such as airbag sensors and photovoltaics. As a technology renewal partner, Entrepix enables long-term, reliable, predictable and cost-effective performance of its remanufactured equipment. Headquartered in Phoenix, Entrepix operates a 38,000 square foot facility housing its CMP foundry and equipment remanufacturing facilities.

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