Rudolph AutoEL II

Rudolph AutoEL II

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Rudolph Ellipsometer AutoEL II - Refurbished AutoEL Series

The AutoEL II is designed to be an affordable, high performance ellipsometer, providing an easy-to-use approach for accurately measuring a wide variety of films. The system's keyboard addresses an internal microprocessor that automates system operation and quickly reports delta and psi on a front panel display. These quantities can be reduced to the physical quantities of thickness and refractive index when using the optional data reduction software, which can run on a PC that can be interfaced directly via the standard RS232 serial pan.

Preventative Maintenance Program


  • Baseline evaluation to determine configuration and software revision
  • Remove and disassemble both the analyzer and polarizer gear boxes
  • Inspect and replace (as needed) all gears, shafts, bearing and optical components
  • Inspect main lamp socket or laser
  • Reinstall both gear boxes and perform full optics alignment (70 and 90 degrees)
  • Replace 40X lamp and modify circuit if required
  • Replace autocollimator lamp
  • Inspect and adjust 6-channel power supply
  • Adjust op amp section to factory recommended settings
  • Verify printer operation and repair as needed
  • System to system matching (if applicable)
  • Calibrate all wavelengths to a traceable standard