Rudolph AutoEL III

Rudolph AutoEL III

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Rudolph Ellipsometer AutoEL III - Refurbished AutoEL Series

The AutoEL III is designed to provide precision film thickness measurements with simplicity of use. Internal data reduction software offers the convenience of automatically transforming delta and psi into the physical properties of thickness and refractive index. The system's non-volatile memory allows users to retrieve previously determined sample parameters during future measurements, to speed repeated analyses of similar materials. The system's thermal printer can provide a hard copy of the results.

Preventative Maintenance Program


  • Baseline evaluation to determine configuration and software revision
  • Remove and disassemble both the analyzer and polarizer gear boxes
  • Inspect and replace (as needed) all gears, shafts, bearing and optical components
  • Inspect main lamp socket or laser
  • Reinstall both gear boxes and perform full optics alignment (70 and 90 degrees)
  • Replace 40X lamp and modify circuit if required
  • Replace autocollimator lamp
  • Inspect and adjust 6-channel power supply
  • Adjust op amp section to factory recommended settings
  • Verify printer operation and repair as needed
  • System to system matching (if applicable)
  • Calibrate all wavelengths to a traceable standard