Opti-Probe 3260-3290

Entrepix - Opti-Probe 3260-3290

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The Therma-Wave Opti-Probe 3260 and 3290 are the second generation system used for measurement of a wide range of optical parameters such as film thickness of multiple layers and index of refraction. Compatible with wafers ranging from 4- to 8-inches, the system has two cassette loader stations. The Opti-Probe supports Beam Profile Reflectrometry (BPR) and Beam Profile Ellipsometry (BPE) modes to provide accurate feedback for CMP process control. A 675 nm thermoelectrically cooled diode laser is used to establish the optical parameter in BPR/BPE mode, and in spectrometry mode a visible 450 to 840 nm tungsten halogen lamp it used.

  • Supports the full range of thick and thin film, refractive indexes, extinction coefficient and reflectivity measurements
  • Multi-layer and multi-parameter measurements on thin ONO and OPO film stacks
  • Small micro-ellipsometer spot size (0.9 micron) eliminates under- and over-polishing
  • Enables control of polish rate and detection of polish slopes on areas as small as 7 micron x 7 micron
  • Single recipes are robust enough to provide correct results over large variations in post-CMP thicknesses
  • Spectrometer light source is can be changed in 15 minutes without any optics recalibration
  • Long-life light sources eliminate frequent changes and requalification

BPR (Beam Profile Reflectometry : thick dielectric films > 500A)

BPE (Beam Profile Ellipsometry : thin dielectric films < 500A)

Spectrometry (High Index films : C-Si, Poly-Si, A-Si)


  • DUV: adds DUV Spectroscopy: 210 to 850nm
  • Opti-Probe 670 nm Fiber Optic Laser Upgrade Kit: extend the life of laser and ease of change out
  • Opti-Probe N2 Purge Kit: prevent contamination build up on optics

Preventative Maintenance Program

  • Pre-PM Verification
  • Hard Disk Maintenance
  • Electrical Checks
  • Facilities Checks
  • Motor System Inspection
  • Wafer Handling
  • Auto Focus System
  • Spectrometer
  • System General
  • System Close-up
  • Post-PM Measurements