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Entrepix - Therma-Probe TP500xp

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The Therma-Probe® is the industry standard for implant dose metrology. With its advances in modulated optical reflectance, the Therma-Probe system provides dose measurements for in-line ion implantation monitoring. The system contributes to higher yield by monitoring for process excursions. The TP500XP accommodates 100 mm - 200 mm wafers, and offers a complete set of applications to account for effects such as screen oxides, decay, and spatial averaging. These proprietary applications provide for the best implant dose detect ability in the industry. In addition, the tool is enabled for fully automated 200 mm production use.

The TP500XP tool contains the latest performance enhancements to provide the following capabilities:

  • Direct measurements on product wafers eliminate the need for costly monitor wafers
  • In-line monitoring helps reduce and/or prevent scrap
  • In-line implant tool qualification checks to enhance implant productivity
  • Superior tool matching performance to facilitate fab-to-fab technology transfers