Lapping Services

Entrepix offers lapping, film and carrier services for your CMP equipment needs. Our world class film lapping capabilities include: Tencor measurement capabilities, single-sided lappers, and laser cut films for reduced particle contamination. We also offer pre-cut DF200 carrier films to Speedfam-IPEC standard or custom patterns.

Complete offerings of carrier rebuild and refurbishment services for the SpeedFam-IPEC Auriga, CMPV, 372, and 472 series CMP tools are available. We can return your carriers back to OEM quality at a fraction of the cost of new. We offer pressure plate refurbishment: Resurfacing plate curvature to OEM specification or customer specifications, parallelism to OEM specification, cleaning, broken bolt removal, filmed and lapped to OEM specifications or custom customer specifications. We can refurbish and upgraded Gimbal bearings to a higher quality than OEM.

Entrepix lapping experience extends to polish platen lapping and refurbishment and non-CMP demands. Platen refurbishing includes: removal of scratches and damage, return curvature to OEM specifications, modify curvature to customer specifications. Non-CMP capabilities include lapping a variety of materials, flat or curved specifications, no minimum quantities.

Services include: